Healthy Healing Support

Grief, often the most profound form of sorrow, demands the support and compassion of our fellow human beings.  Since the beginning of time, people have come together in times of grief to help one another.  Grief support groups provide an opportunity for this kind of help and support.  Thank each of you for your willingness to companion each other in your journey.

This group is where we can explore our feelings, our loneliness, our shock, our anger, our guilt, our sadness or whatever is hurting our spirit and our life.  This is where we can share our humanity and find strength and inspiration in each of us.  We remember that each of us is at a different place in our journey.  We will respect where each one is and we can learn from each other.
The Healthy Healing Support Group meets three times a year, for four Monday evenings at Opsahl-Kostel Funeral Home.  The group is open to anyone who wishes to come, without charge.  You may call me at 665-9679 if you have any questions concerning the group.

Diana Smallwood
After-Care Counselor

Our 2021 Sessions

7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Spring Session
Dates Pending

Fall Session
February 16, 23, March 2 and 9

Summer Session
Dates Pending